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Wearing comfortable and coordinated clothing for family portrait session help enhance the outcome of your families’ portraits.  Please, do not stress about matching, because everyone is unique in their own way and it should radiate through the portrait.  Having a harmonious color scheme is what sets the tone for a great session. 

Please, consider avoiding SOLID WHITE, SOLID BLACK, and SOLID GREEN as color choices.

  • SOLID WHITE – there are a number of reasons, but the most important reason is that on sunny days’ solid white becomes invisible on an image


  • SOLID BLACK – like white, there are a number of reasons, but the most important is that solid black fade into the background when taking photographs outdoors


  • SOLID GREEN – like black, but even more so solid green fades into the background when taking photographs outdoors 


Start moisturizing your skin a few days before the session, because lotion should not be applied to the skin within one hour before your session time.  Lotion adds glare to the skin.


Family props are welcome! If you have an item that you feel will infuse meaning into your portrait, please bring it.   Bringing personal items to your session can make your families session more meaningful.

Remember, this is your families’ portrait session.  I am here to capture the personality of your family and the essence of who you are through my photographic lens.  Be who you are when I am not pointing my camera in your face.  I want to see you for who you are.  Please, allow me to communicate this through my photography.

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